Intelligent Health Solutions

Intelligent digital healthcare systems and solutions are inevitable. Wether we are ready or not, the future of healthcare involves smart connected health devices and data. Canadian healthcare system has done a great job so far in bringing intelligence into daily care system in hospitals and clinics. But, with the enormous amount of new breakthroughs in different frontiers of technology, there is always the need to update healthcare system. There are many different practical aspects of bringing intelligent solutions into health and wellbeing practice. 

These solutions will need to include AI and machine learning, but also include security and privacy. A systems approach like this will ensure that healthcare providers can respond to patients’ needs in a timely manner, share data easily and securely with other providers, provide more efficient care through proactive diagnostics and preventative care, eliminate waste from redundant tests by using data from outside sources such as wearable devices and gather necessary feedback from patients on their own sense of well-being.

If we consider all of the factors needed for intelligent digital healthcare it becomes clear that there is no one “silver bullet” answer; we’ll need a collaborative interdisciplinary approach to create successful intelligent digital health solutions.

Now more than ever, hospitals, clinics and providers need to start implementing healthcare solutions that are data driven and based on intelligent solutions powered by artificial intelligence, Internet of Medical Things (IOMT), computational power, high speed internet connectivity (5G) and big data analysis.

Health and wellness at an individualized level