Canadian SUV Program Consultation

Canada is a heaven for start-ups. The start-up ecosystem offers a lot of incentives for innovators, entrepreneurs, and business owners. These incentives make Canada an ideal destination for start-ups in any stage. You can read more about facts and figures of Canadian start-up ecosystem here, and about the latest statistics on Canada’s SUV program here.

Whether you plan to either dive deeper into the hows and what-ifs of Canada’s SUV program or start your journey to bring your start-up to Canada, we are here to offer you and your team a range of services that will help you in making your final decision and establishing your business in Canada through the start up visa stream. We offer two packages to cater for all your needs.

The informed decision making package

We provide the following services to enable you make an informed decision:

  • full explanation of the SUV program in plain terms and without any jargon.
  • assessment of you, your team members and your start-up’s eligibility for SUV program.
  • concept validation assessment for idea stage start-ups.
  • business viability analysis for seed stage start-ups.
  • North American market research and analysis for seed stage start-ups
  • assessing your business’s value proposition
  • analytical comparison of your start-up with the competition. 

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The SUV preparation package

If you and your team have already made your decision and are planning to apply for Canada’s SUV program, we have a special program for you. Here is a look at what it includes:

  • All the services in decision making package plus
  • Gathering market intelligence
  • preparing your marketing strategy
  • developing your start-up business plan
  • preparing you for your investor pitch deck 
  • patent filing and IP solutions as needed
  • financial modelling 
  • incorporating your business
  • corporate structuring
  • business mentorship
  • presentation skills mentorship
  • developing your team’s interview skills
  • due diligence preparations
  • finding the most suitable designated entities for your start-up’s SUV program application. 

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