Indimed is established to be a leading company in innovative research and healthcare system problem solving. Having a professional multidisciplinary team allows us to venture into different areas from research and consultation to developing health and wellness tech-start-ups.

  • One of our primary goals is defining and participating in research projects involving the use of machine learning, machine vision and AI in general in health and medical related fields. Our team is looking forward to working with research teams interested in developing AI powered platforms and algorithms in clinical and non-clinical health related subjects.
  • Innovation and creativity is another core value at Indimed. We thrive to put our novel ideas into action through developing start-ups and make our dreams come true. Indimed is currently funding and developing a few start-ups which are in different stages of their evolution.
  • We value discovering and exploring disruptive approaches and technologies that could improve or transform health and wellness of populations. In doing so, we are constantly on the watch for emerging technologies to identify opportunities and ideas. We constantly work to develop products or solutions with the potential to change how health related business operate by increasing our innovation capacity and accessing external resources.
  • Our mission as a tech starter company is providing consulting services that let early stage start-ups embrace a new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship. We provide guidance for start-ups looking to enter Canada and North America and expand their business into these markets. We work with new start-ups in three specific areas:
    • IDEATION: We provide new start-ups with brainstorming and generating ideas in a culturally and environmentally appropriate entrepreneurial setting that inspire action and gain insight from people working on innovative technologies.
    • VALIDATION: We help turn ideas and concepts into reality by identifying the best or most relevant technologies to capitalize on opportunities or solve problems.
    • BUILD: We provide insights on how to jump-start strategic and tactical initiatives by developing and launching new technology solutions and products.

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With a diverse collection of expertise in medicine and digital, we are set to be a powerhouse of change in shaping the future of healthcare and its delivery.

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