Canadian SUV Representation

Contacting designated organizations can be a daunting task for non-Canadian start-ups. Even more so, is the choice of the best incubator or angel investor for your start-up.

There are over 20 Venture Capital Fund organizations, 9 Angel Investor Groups, and almost 40 Business incubators Canada wide. Each of these have their own criteria and challenges for accepting start-ups in Canadian SUV program. There are several other organizations, offering programs to help start-ups grow and thrive in Canadian start-up ecosystem, which you need to know and get familiar with. And these are not the end of the list. Overall, there is an enormous amount of data to read through. Taking in all the information and finding the most important pieces of data among what is available is not an easy job.

Depending on the stage of your start-up, your team’s needs vary. We have prepared a comprehensive database of priorities along with the know-how of the process and the what-how-when-where-why of the actions that need to be taken for your success.

What we offer in our representation service, in addition to all the items in our SUV program Preparation package, is a clear bright path to your application for SUV program in Canada. After finding the best choices of designated organizations, we will contact them on your behalf and will start the process of your application. We will stand by your side all the way through to time you get your PR and move to Canada.

Remember, knowledge and proper preparation are the two key elements of success in your SUV application.

If you are interested in knowing more about our representation services, please contact us using this form.

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